Oilseed Extraction Plants

The Oilseed Extraction Plants are the most efficient method for producing high-quality vegetable oil and meal from a wide variety of oilseeds. As such, it has become almost universal in the modern oilseed industry. With this growth in popularity and application has come an extensive evolution in solvent extraction techniques and equipment design, an evolution toward every greater economic efficiency, safety and ease of operation. Oilseed processing and oil extraction processes are designed to obtain high quality oil with minimal undesirable components, achieve high extraction yields and produce high value meal. The Oilseed Extraction Plants are made available by us for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. They are very efficient and useful.

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Desolventiser Toaster

The Desolventiser Toaster is a vertically oriented cylindrical with multiple compartments that are steam heated. The DT employs indirect heat transfer to desolventizer hexane or other solvent-wet products and completing the toasting operation on a low-cost basis.


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