Oilseed Preparatory Plants

We are supplying here the Oilseed Preparatory Plants that are used to modify the seed into a shape that is suitable for fast and effective extraction by mechanical pressing or by solvent extraction. It is a succession of several of the following processes: seed Dehulling, to increase the protein content of the de-oiled meal, Cracking, to reduce the particle size of the seeds, Cooking, to reduce the viscosity of the oil and adjust the moisture content. Preparation is the process of properly preparing seeds for extraction of oil either by solvent or mechanical method. While a particular seed may contain from 20%-50% oil, the oil is tightly bound within the cell. The Oilseed Preparatory Plants are made for commercial uses.

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oilSeed Preparatory Plant

Process involve Cleaning, Destoning, Cracking, Cooking, Flaking, extruding, Drying & Cooling. process reduce or increase according to oil seed & process requirement.


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